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New Years Resolutions: Get your Goals this 2023 with these 5 easy tips!

Hello! Welcome to this new chance to start fresh and get yourself ready for the new year. I know from personal experience and from my clients, how hard it can be to actually commit to those things we set ourselves to do throughout the year so here I'll leave you 5 easy wellness tips that will help you to hold yourself accountable. Let's do it!

Tip #1 - Set an Intention

Try to find a true value that goes beneath your Goal. Values are not goals meaning that we never “accomplish” a value. Instead, values are like a compass–they help us make choices based on the directions in which we want our lives to go. Values and intentions come from our heart and from what really matters to us in the long run.

Tip #2 - Set Your Goals

Now take all the time in the world to ACTUALLY write your Goals and see them outside your mind. How do they look like? Are they workable? Realistic? Are they alligned with your intentions and what really matters to you? An extra suggestion is to also use a bull's eyes to se if your goals are balanced in all your life areas.

Tip #3 - Make it happen

What do you actually need to do to make your Goals a reality? Try to break your goals into workable ACTIONS. Here the whole point is to ACT towards your Goal, your intention, your value. What committed actions can you do in your every day life that will actually lead to what you have set as a goal. Try to keep it simple and doable so that you can manage to get closer to your goal day by day.

Tip #4 - Hold yourself Accountable

Processes require continuity, hard work and accontability. Use a habit tracker to follow your progress, use little deadlines that will help you through along the phases of your process. A good idea is to have an accountability coach or buddy so that is easier for you to stay on track. See what hacks will work to keep you engaged, small wins and rewards will keep you motivated for sure :)

Tip #5 - If you fall, GET BACK UP!

Don't feel discouraged if you are not seeing results as fast as you would have hoped or if things are not working out as planned or are just more complicated! Try to be confident, patient and persistent and if there is a small bump on your journey just try to buckle up and keep on going. Changes and reaching goals is not something that is supposed to be simple, it can be quite challenging. Try to learn from your mistakes and grow.

You've got this! And remember to enjoy the journey ;)

For more info you can check mi IG: @metodosam or share your comments in this post or by mail I'm here for you and happy to help.


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